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Artwork on Messi destroying Betis from 6 years ago is made a reality by himself!

When Art becomes Reality!

A student's illustration of Lionel Messi on the field has found a real-life match six years later, as the footballer is spotted striking an almost identical pose.In 2013, Suhas Nahian sketched the football icon Lionel Messi on the pitch.A photograph taken during a 2019 match showcased Messi striking an almost

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Why Are People Saying Barbenheimer?

Barbenheimer marked an Internet sensation when it saw the concurrent theatrical premiere of a pair of blockbuster movies on July 21, 2023, across the United States and several other countries. The term "Barbenheimer" emerged as a fusion of the titles of these films, namely Warner Bros. Pictures' "Barbie" and Universal

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The Last of Us Cordyceps

What is the Fungus in The Last of Us?

"The Last of Us" is an incredible TV series that takes place in a post-apocalyptic America. Created by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann for HBO, the show is actually based on a popular 2013 video game developed by Naughty Dog. The story is set in the year 2023, twenty years

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