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How to Write

1. Registration:

If you want to start blogging, you must join first.


Click on the “Register” menu.


Click Log in with Facebook/Twitter/Google button. Allow permission. Your registration is over.

If you’re not logged in, Facebook /Twitter/Google will ask you to log in. Log in and allow permission. Your registration is over.

If you do not have a Facebook/Twitter/Google account or you do not wish to register with Facebook/Twitter/Google, provide username (in English) and email and click on the Register button.

Now check your email. Check Spam if not found in Inbox. Clicking on the link sent to you will give you a chance to set a password:


It’s hard to remember the password you’ve been given. So enter a password that you can remember (but no one else can guess. For example, your mobile number, date of birth, your name or name of your loved one should not be used).
Click Reset Password. Your registration is over. Log in now.

2. Write your first post

If you know about WordPress, you know how easy it is to create a post with WordPress. After logging in, you will find a dashboard. Click on Posts>Add New. Or click on this + (plus) sign:

New Post

See the next steps in the picture:

how to write

After clicking on the Publish button, the “Submit for Review” button will appear. Clicking on it will bring the post to us. We will publish the post if it is deemed appropriate.

If you want to edit or delete a post after it has been published, you need to contact us. So before submitting, please take a look at the post. If a blogger publishes more than one standardized article, he or she may have the opportunity to publish a post directly.

Happy blogging!