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Sometimes Teens Just Make Bad Decisions

There’s a reason why parents of big kids shut down when their kids hit the teenage years.There’s a reason why moms stop talking to other parents at pickup lines and dads avoid people at all costs.You know that phrase, Little kids, little problems. Big kids, bigger problems? It is so

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Social Inequality Seen from the Sky

Want to see pictures of wealth inequality around the world? Then you have to look from above. The above picture is of the city of Mumbai, India, with multi-storey buildings on one side and on the other side a settlement of people fighting endlessly for survival.In the cities, high-rise buildings

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Coronavirus Diary

Corona Diary

I can picture the time when a new virus named novel corona started to be a familiar name in the International Media. In that period, I was a Quality Control Officer in General Pharmaceuticals Limited. I was a bit tensed  during that period as I had to make up my career

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