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About Us

Thought Might is a community blog. It’s open to everyone. Anyone can write here if his/her writing is standard.

Thought Might was established in 2020. In a word, it is people’s blog. Here the writers present their stories in written form, through pictures or through videos. We bring those stories to the readers wherever they are.

Life is short and therefore is great. In this short life we spend a lot of time online. Thought Might is trying to make your time meaningful. From our blog, you can learn about someone’s travel experience, someone’s life experience, thoughts on contemporary issues, someone’s valuable opinions, knowledge about science and technology, someone’s feelings after watching a movie, and someone’s writing will entertain you.

We publish educational articles, articles about books. We publish stories, poems, rhymes, essays, humor, sports and controversial topics so that readers can express their views. We are also publishing various tutorials by experienced writers that will help you become more proficient.

Experienced doctors and others are writing based on their life experiences to guide you to obtain better health. At the same time, we are trying to present to you some of the best things that have happened around us. You can learn some amazing things about nature too. We try to highlight the variety of words that do not always become part of the conversation. We sincerely try to present different issues and different perspectives. We try to verify information through multiple sources whenever possible.

We want to cover different aspects of life like a magazine. Thought Might can also be called an online magazine.

Our Goal

The purpose of Thought Might is to develop people’s inner benevolence, share knowledge, promote citizen journalism and evoke your imagination.


Contact us to know anything about Thought Might blog. Our email address:

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Or you can message us on Facebook: m.me/ThoughtMight

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Harry Bikul

Postgraduated from Jahangirnagar University. Loves blogging and reading other people’s writing. Spend leisure time watching good movies. Want to travel around the world.