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About Us

Thought Might: Connecting Minds, Sharing Stories

Thought Might is a vibrant community blog that invites everyone to contribute their thoughts, experiences, and creativity. Founded in 2020, it’s a space where individuals share their stories through text, images, and videos, bringing unique experiences to readers worldwide.

Discover travel anecdotes, life reflections, contemporary insights, valuable opinions, tech knowledge, emotional reactions to movies, and entertaining literature.

Our content spans educational articles, literary critiques, stories, poems, essays, humor, sports, and debates, fostering diverse perspectives. Experienced contributors offer tutorials for skill enhancement, while medical experts share health insights from personal journeys.

Amidst these narratives, we highlight remarkable events and nature’s wonders, embracing lesser-discussed topics. Our commitment to credibility involves cross-referencing information from various sources.

In our ‘Quote Collection,’ we gather wisdom from diverse thinkers, recognizing the transformative power of quotes.

Thought Might is a sanctuary for the curious, a refuge for the dreamers, and a celebration of the mightiness of thought.

Our Mission

Thought Might nurtures empathy, shares wisdom, encourages citizen journalism, and ignites imagination. Thought Might aims to foster a positive impact on readers’ lives.

At Thought Might, we believe that every individual has a story worth sharing. We aim to bridge the gap between storytellers and readers. Our mission is to make your online time meaningful by offering a diverse range of content that resonates with your interests and curiosity.

Join Our Community

Become a part of our online magazine. Share your stories, engage with fellow readers, and explore the myriad facets of life. Thought Might is more than a blog—it’s a journey of discovery, connection, and imagination.

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Harry Bikul

Postgraduated from Jahangirnagar University. Loves blogging and reading other people’s writing. Spend leisure time watching good movies. Want to travel around the world.