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Same World Different Images

Two Images in the Same World

In the picture above, you can see some people finding happiness in life on the pleasure-boat, while next to it, some people are risking their lives in search of asylum and hope to gain immigration. Sometimes they end up as corpses.

In the picture below, a boy stands with a book to change the future. Next to it, he is seen taking up arms to change the present.

boy to change the world

Check out the picture below, a girl dressed as Wonder Woman to change the world. Beside, a girl stands wounded with a desperate look of survival.

wonder wounded

These pictures were brought to us by Uğur Gallenkuş, a photographer from Istanbul, Turkey.

Let’s see some more pictures of him:

bullet lipstick
Lipstick and bullets.
Both are standing in front of the camera.
Catwalk and uncertain journey.
our home
Splendid rooms and ruined rooms.
Some get sky with bombers; some get sky with free birds.
A child who lost a leg in the war in Afghanistan uses a stick versus ice skating.
Father son moments and war.

Think of the divided world.

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