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  1. Morshed Alam
  2. Harry
    Harry Bikul
  3. Abib Afzal
    Abib Afzal
  4. Puspita Cuty
  5. Nura Alam Masum
    Nura Alam Masum

Share your thoughts too

We have told stories about people’s dreams, about breaking down, about getting up again, and about their successes. We were trying to develop people’s inner benevolence, share knowledge, promote citizen journalism, and evoke your imagination. Thought Might now wants to hear from you. Dip your quill into the inkwell of possibility. Let your stories reach readers around the world!

Why would you write on Thought Might?


If you love to write, if creativity keeps you thinking, inspires you emotionally, then introduce something new to the readers, or replace the reader’s mindset with a new idea.


Many people write on social media. The writing easily reaches friends. But in that case the problems we see are:

  • When the writing is large, most users leave by pressing the like button without reading.
  • After two or three days, that writing disappeares. Even if someone searches it on Google, he/she doesn’t find that article.
  • You can’t create a collection of your writings there, not all writings are available together. Moreover, your social media account may be suspended at any time.

On Thought Might, you can create a collection of your writings.


In order to gradually overcome yourself, write to challenge yourself. You will sharpen yourself day by day.

To Be Established

Become an icon. If you want to be someone whose opinion people take seriously and follow, if you want to be recognized, you want that your name will come up in a Google search, everyone will read your writing and that writing will make people think, inspire people, your writing will become your greatest strength, your thinking will become the indicator of your ability, then start writing today on Thought Might.

Questions that may come to your mind

On what topics can writing be submitted?

You can write about these topics: Poem, Joke, Story, Lifestyle, Tutorial, Book, Science and Technology, Controversy, Traveling, Movie Review, Sport, Entertainment, Politics, Education, Nature, Health, and other topics you care about.

Can writing be submitted via email?

Yes, but we want you to submit your writing from our website.
Our email address:

thoughtmight.comCHARACTER SEQUENCE@gmail.com
How long do I have to wait to get an update after submitting a writing?

If your writing is up to standard, it will be published within a week.

Are you ready to write on Thought Might?

You also have a wonderful story to tell everyone. Spread that story among everyone through the content platform Thought Might. Publish your writing to the web world.

How to write