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Artwork on Messi destroying Betis from 6 years ago is made a reality by himself!

When Art becomes Reality!

A student's illustration of Lionel Messi on the field has found a real-life match six years later, as the footballer is spotted striking an almost identical pose.In 2013, Suhas Nahian sketched the football icon Lionel Messi on the pitch.A photograph taken during a 2019 match showcased Messi striking an almost

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Messi wins the 2023 Leagues Cup

“If you put Lionel Messi on the worst team in MLS, they’d still be the worst” – Ex-Inter Miami coach’s resurfaced comment

Former Inter Miami assistant coach Jason Kreis's past remarks have resurfaced following Lionel Messi's victory in the Leagues Cup final. Several years ago, Kreis asserted that Messi wouldn't elevate the MLS's worst team since the overall quality of the team would remain unchanged.In a 2014 media statement, Kreis asserted that

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Top players to miss FIFA World Cup

Which Players Will Miss World Cup 2026?

Football or Soccer, this is the most popular game in the world. More than half the world watched the record-breaking 2018 World Cup. Audit shows a record 3.572 billion people watched the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. Football Unites the World. People around the world wait every 4 years to

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Diego Maradona with football

Briefly on Diego Maradona

I didn’t have a chance to watch Maradona playing live as I was only seven years old when his active playing ended on around 1997. He was banned in 1994 as he tested positive of drugs during USA World Cup.Maradona has played actively from 1976 to 1997 in different teams

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