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Can You Pass This Job Interview?

Once in a job interview, the boss of the company asked a strange question and about 200 people fell silent after hearing that question!The question was, suppose you are driving your car on a stormy day when you pass a bus stop and see 3 people standing there. The first

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The Story of Being Jealous

After creation, God asked everyone to present their role in human welfare. Borrowing something from others was allowed. But the condition was that everything should be for human welfare.The sun shone. People became happy.Now the moon's turn. Moon was upset. He has no light. He thought that he could borrow

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Clever Elder Brother

A Clever Elder Brother

There were two brothers in a village. One was Karim by name and the other was Bashir.Karim was the elder brother of Bashir. They began to grow up gradually. Suddenly their father died. They fell into the problem to some extent.Karim was cleverer than Bashir. The younger one was very

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If We Can Hold Each Other’s Hand

Suddenly one day the number 9 slapped 8 loudly!Then, crying, 8 asked, "Why did you hit me?"9 said, I am bigger than you. So I can hit you.Hearing this, 8 slapped 7 loudly.When 7 wanted to know the reason for hitting him, 8 said too, "I am bigger than you.

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Flood Water and King

There was a king in one country. At the royal court he asked his astrologer, "Tell me what is the future of the kingdom"?The astrologer began to count. He seemed to be concerned. The king asked, "What happened? Why are you so worried?"The astrologer said, Your grace, there will be

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