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Asgardian Fairy

Walking down the streetSaw you on a benchYou were reading something like magazineFelt like a fairy came down on earthFrom the planet of AsgardAs if never before seen such a sceneStarted going to that placeEvery now and thenBut she didn't show upIn a short time spanIn the June I recallShe

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The Ingenue

 I was absentee in everythingMorose hold me tightWhere you came and intervenedGave me the strength to fightThe numb me started feeling betterYour naivety made me fill with laughterYour tenderness brought back my charmDarkness turned to light while winter to warmEvery scenes you are providing meIs a new experienceNever had I ever

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Fancied Ambivalence

Senorita!Have you ever thought about the undeserving love I made you feel with?You haven't, You devoured me even though I thought it is you what I breathYou took vow from the guy who can't even understand your sayingLet alone the rhetoric verses you deliverTo him nothing but an Item you

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Rape VS Government

We are a bunch of peopleSome identity less folksWanna say few words for my countryTo unveil all those bloody crooksWho rapes my sister in daylightAnd then blames her outfitMiddle finger for those chuffed peopleWho aren’t hurt about these shitLeave all those matured womenYou may dribble watching themWho looks like an

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