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Artificial Intelligence and Human Creativity

Image created by artificial intelligence

Many books are being written using the artificial intelligence programs ChatGPT and Midjourney. The future world will be filled with such books—our world of books. ChatGPT is writing stories, and Midjourney is creating images. Human creativity is under severe threat.

The technology is meant to remove the old and create new fields. In the future, there may be two types of books:

  1. books by artificial intelligence, and
  2. books by human authors

I think they will create a new kind of world through cooperation, not competition. And the future world will be occupied by those who can use artificial intelligence properly.

The above image was also created with the help of artificial intelligence. After giving just one prompt to the artificial intelligence called Midjourney, it produced this image. Who is to say that the picture is not a picture of a person and was not taken by a human photographer?

Prompt: “Portrait of a beautiful Indian woman with a book in her hand and sun shining through the window on her face, volumetric lighting, hyper-realistic photograph, version 5”

What do you think? What dangers will artificial intelligence bring? Please comment.

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