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Seema Walks 1km on One Leg Everyday to Reach School

Seema Travels 1km on One Leg to Reach School

Only 10 years old. In the midst of this, life became very difficult for Seema Kumari, a schoolgirl from Bihar, India. One of her legs was amputated in the accident. But she is not willing to stop with the ‘disabled’ tag. So Seema goes to school every day with one foot. For this she has to cross 2 kilometers of road every day.

Seema Kumari, a child of a day laborer family in Bihar’s Jamui district, dreams of becoming a teacher when she grows up. She was admitted to the school to fulfill her dream. But two years ago, Seema lost her leg in a road accident. Everyone in the family feared that her dreams would be shattered, but Seema did not let it happen.

“I want to study and become a teacher so that I can teach the next generation of students.” Seema, a class 4 student says.

Due to the accident, Seema’s studies were almost stopped. But she tells her family that she wants to go to school with one foot. Seema’s dream-winning journey started again with one foot. Every day, she comes to school by jumping on one leg with a bag on her back for one kilometer. A video of the little girl going to school like this recently went viral on social media. The inspirational clip caught the attention of many people on social media. Netizens are praising her for her spirit and willpower.

Actor Sonu Sood, who was praised for his philanthropic work during the Covid-19 pendemic, has come forward to help Seema. Sonu Sood shared the viral video on social media and wrote, “Now she will go to school on two legs, not one. I’m sending tickets, it’s time to walk on two legs.”

Minister for the Building Construction Department of Bihar Government, Ashok Choudhary has shared Seema’s video by tagging Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. “We are proud that the children of our state are becoming aware of education and overcoming all obstacles. Seema and every child like her will be identified and given proper help,” he wrote. He also mentioned that help had already reached Seema.

On the other hand, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal wrote in a tweet, “10-year-old Seema’s work has made me emotional. Every child in the country wants a good education. I don’t know politics, I know every government has enough resources. Giving the best education to every child like Seema should be the mission of every true patriot – that is true patriotism.”

Meanwhile, the local district administration has come forward to help Seema. Deputy Commissioner Awanish Kumar handed over a tricycle to Seema’s family to facilitate her walk. He also promised to give her an artificial leg.

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