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The Tortoise and the Hare and Our Youth

The Tortoise and the Hare and Our Youth

We are all familiar with the legendary story of the hare (rabbit) and the tortoise (turtle).


Let me tell you the familiar story again. Once a race was organized between a hare and a tortoise in the forest. The hare and the tortoise started running. The hare ran fast and looked behind. He couldn’t see the tortoise. The hare thought, I could take a little break. I have already won half of the competition. The hare fell asleep. Meanwhile, the tortoise did not stop running and went ahead at its own pace and became the winner of the race. When the hare woke up, he became overwhelmed with despair knowing that he had lost the race.

We all know the moral of this story: ‘Slow and steady wins the race‘.

But the story does not end here.


After losing to the tortoise, the hare’s self-esteem was hurt. The hare threw the challenge again towards the tortoise. The race started again. This time, the hare did not take a rest. In one run, he left the tortoise far behind and became the winner of the competition. Meanwhile, the tortoise advanced at its own pace and finished the race taking a long time.

The moral of this story is – ‘Fast and furious wins the race too‘.

Still, the story does not end here.


After losing to the hare, the tortoise realized that it was not possible for him to defeat the hare the way he had competed. Choosing a new path, he challenged the hare again. The competition started once again. The hare ran at its highest speed and got stuck some distance ahead. He saw a huge river in front of him. The hare did not know how to swim, so he could not cross the river. The tortoise came to the river at its own pace, swam at great speed, crossed the river, and became the winner of the competition. The hare could not cross the river and could not finish the race.

The moral of this part of the story is, ‘Find your strength and use that to win the race‘.

The story still remains.


Both the hare and the tortoise understood their strengths and weaknesses. They decided that what they really needed to do was learn how to do it right. But this time the race will be a little different. They decided that this time they would run together. The race started and what a strange thing! This time they finished the race together and both were declared winners. This was possible because of their combined efforts. The hare ran fast on the road taking the tortoise on his back. And the tortoise swam hard in the water taking the hare on his back while crossing the river.

The moral of this part of the story is, ‘Teamwork helps you win the race‘.

My personal opinion is that our youth can be divided into these four types. Some of us try to move forward in a ‘slow and steady’ way. After finishing school, college, university, then PhD or higher education, we reach our ultimate goal.

Some people try to proceed in a ‘fast and furious’ way. They attempt to reach their dreams or ultimate goals from a young age while studying.

Some people find their own ‘Strength and Weakness’ and use it to reach the ultimate goal.

Again, some people try to focus on ‘teamwork’. Let’s work together to achieve the ultimate goal or dream.

There is nothing wrong with either; rather the result is very positive in society as a whole.


However, out of the above four types, there is another type ‘5th’. This type is mainly based on complaints and excuses. They don’t try their best. They always complain about everything.

They are more interested in pointing fingers and pointing out faults than in trying to solve problems. On the pretext of those allegations, they addicted themselves to various harmful things. The consequences are terrible in society. Because, no matter how much positive work is done, its effect cannot surpass the effect of negative work.

On the other hand, the four types of young people seem to have a lot of work or work endeavors at random.

These four types of young people are, in my opinion, four pieces of a puzzle. As they are random, they aren’t still understood. But, when all the pieces come together and make up the ‘big picture’, I believe magic will happen. Seeing that magic, the ‘5th’ type will find their way again. They will discover themselves as one of the four types of young people.

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