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Corona Diary

Coronavirus Diary

I can picture the time when a new virus named novel corona started to be a familiar name in the International Media. In that period, I was a Quality Control Officer in General Pharmaceuticals Limited. I was a bit tensed  during that period as I had to make up my career plan deciding between two plausible options I had. I was feeling indecisive. My indecision was so severe that I even caught myself ailed with fever. The options I had was either to be an officer of one of the best pharmaceuticals in the country that is Beximco pharmaceuticals Ltd, which was offering me a good amount or to be a teacher of a government primary school.

However, the disparities were very transparent to me. In the former one, I had opportunity of money, good job environment, smart city life, taste of Chemistry with limited time to enjoy with friends and family as there remains a hectic schedule all the time in every pharmaceuticals company all over Bangladesh. On the contrary, government Primary School was paying me off with plenitude of time, limited money and social respect. Finally I decided to take the liberty of consuming my time on my own without the interference of a few persons capable of making my life hell.

Consequently, I left my job at 15 February 2020. I was supposed to join in DPEO just two days later. I was chilling with my colleagues having the fun to retire from a jail which I myself named my job. Suddenly, a message popped up in my screen which was telling me that my joining had been delayed due to a legal action and that might going to take some time to start the procedure again. In fact, I was not disappointed at all, which I should have been, because of losing a job. As I was already holding the appointment letter from Beximco Pharmaceutical Limited, it was rather a new  scope for me to explore another pharmaceuticals company.

Since, I was jobless, I got back to home enjoyed a few days. Spending some grandsome days I went back  to join that company. I moved around few days as a rookie. After having a confirmation of getting back my desired job I left that one without hesitation as one of the HR guy was not being nice with me seeking some  papers. Although, I had come to join this company only for one month. Being indocile I resigned at once.

In no time , Corona virus a deadly pandemic broke out all over the country. It was proliferating relentlessly. afraid we were. We had no knowledge of how severe it would likely be. While, we started disallowing people to come in our home. Every one of the village was frightened. As all my sisters were married, we four brothers were staying at home after a long time. It was feeling like the old days.

It cannot be denied, spending time without going out was a tedious matter. After a few days of research I got to know that this pandemic is not going to annihilate so early. I made up a plan to keep myself busy in doing something productive. As my family allows music, me being a music lover and my brother being a guitar player it was fun for us to spend the time in home together. Although, boredom is obvious when you are doing something over and over again. By that time, I already got the confirmation to join in DPEO and I was being paid well without doing any job.

So, I decided to buy a guitar, I already knew how to play Tabla and drums. With the help of a big brother and a friend I got myself a brand new guitar. I started taking lessons from my brother. I became obsessed with guitar and was spending my time with it. I got myself an adroit teacher afterwards as well.

By a the course of time, a blessings from God ‘Ramadan’ came. I abstained from singing and music for a while. Rather, concentrated on performing all the religious duty I could possibly do. My family is well religious too. We were taught all the rites of  Islam and  lessons of learning Arabic in the childhood. I even was able to memorize some of the big and important Sura’s of holy Quran just by listening to my fathers recitation.As matter of fact, I was pretty good at Quran recitation in my early age. My Arabic teacher once had a prognosis about me that I could possibly memorize all the Quran within two years. we did not go to mosque for saying prayers which we did in our home together all the brothers, my father and grandpa. I even had the opportunity to be Imam in  some of the prayers while my father felt sick. Especially we enjoyed the Taraweeh and Iftar.

It is true that, good time does not sustain for longer period. By the span of time,  Ramadan went away. People started to cope with the pandemic. Being a citizens of a third world country it was not easy for us to stay home and live on. Both my parents are retired teacher. My father continued earning from different sources as he is a surveyor too. He was going out everyday. We could not stop him from doing it as he was to earn for future. This is when I realized, it is impossible for me to be unaffected staying at home. Because in the villages people are not taking the matter seriously anymore. Reality failed against pandemic. Hunger could not let the corona virus thrive.

Whatsoever, I planed to go out I could not stuck inside any longer after having a quarantine of 55 days. I bought myself an expensive bicycle .All my friends together created a cyclist group. we roamed around the town almost everyday carrying a sanitizer in pocket and wearing a mask. We knew, these precautions were not going to help but could at least console our mind.

bicycle riding during covid-19

In  reality, cycling was facilitating me both in terms of entertainment and exercise. Moreover, It was making my immune stronger as it is the best known cardio exercise.  We had a rampage everywhere. You cannot name a place around my city where I did not go. I traveled a maximum of 80 km ride in a day.

Furthermore, having plenty of time I got myself admitted to a Gym center in my town. I did not miss a single day. I was trying to get a good shape and continued bicycle riding.

After having a few months with bicycle ride we some friends planned to go on a tour  to cox’s bazar; the longest beach of the world. you may have heard that ocean broadens our mind . We stayed there for 5 days and visited every places we could possibly go. That was the best tour I  have ever enjoyed.Coming back from there I concentrated on music again. Bought myself a kajon this time as beat was my matter of expertise. 
We left cycle riding for a while and started bike riding again like the old time. There is hardly any day we friends do not hangout with bikes. Having bikes distance is not a matter anymore.

Meanwhile, I got a chance to travel Khulna division. The occasion was to attend a wedding reception of one of my closest younger brothers from my beloved University campus. We traveled Meherpur, Chuadanga and Kustia this time. We visited Mujibnagar from where Bangladesh had been created.In addition, I can not but add the  description of going to Lalon’s shrine. I even played some songs with the disciples of Lalon. This tour has been memorable to us, I must say, because of the immense hospitality of the people of these city.

I believe, the most sensational, pompous  and noteworthy thing that has occurred in my life during this pandemic is that, due to having excessive amount of time which I invested in my smartphone. Chatting with random people, being acquainted with new folks. For spending excessive time with a particular person I became obsessed with that species so much that I was feeling like getting back to my old days when the seed of love was planted on my body and soul.  Being adjacent to each other we got addicted. let’s not talk about it any further . This penchant may going to result something fruitful in near future if God willing.

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Nura Alam Masum
Nura Alam Masum
I feel ecstacy to introduce myself a pharmaceutical chemist. All of my family members are involved in writing. I am fond of novels, stories, poetry, songwriting and singing as well. In my leisure period I like to write different stuffs. I am fond of music too.

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