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The Ingenue


I was absentee in everything
Morose hold me tight
Where you came and intervened
Gave me the strength to fight

The numb me started feeling better
Your naivety made me fill with laughter
Your tenderness brought back my charm
Darkness turned to light while winter to warm

Every scenes you are providing me
Is a new experience
Never had I ever felt so close
Despite all those differences

Your credulity makes me sophomoric
I crave for your love
Future may unite us I wish
Making you my ecstasy producing hub

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Written by:

Nura Alam Masum
Nura Alam Masum
I feel ecstacy to introduce myself a pharmaceutical chemist. All of my family members are involved in writing. I am fond of novels, stories, poetry, songwriting and singing as well. In my leisure period I like to write different stuffs. I am fond of music too.

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