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What Google Knows About You

Google knows

Let me tell you why Google wants to know about you in the first place. According to Google, Google wants to know about you in order to provide you with services that are suitable for you. The fact is that Google’s main revenue comes from advertising. Now Google wants to know about you so that it can show you ads that are relevant to you. There is a saying in my village,

Some sell milk and buy alcohol; some sell alcohol and buy milk.

Now if you are a person who sells milk and buys alcohol, then Google will tell you where good alcohol is available. And if you are a person who sells alcohol and buys milk, then Google will tell you – good milk is available to buy there. Therefore, Google needs to know what kind of person you are. Also, if you live in Asia and you are told about a store in America, you won’t go there. So, Google needs to know where you live, where you go.

Who are you

Google knows what you look like, how you sound, your political and religious beliefs, and how healthy you are. Search giant Google also knows if you have kids, or if you have food restrictions.

Where were you

Google knows where you live, where you work, and where you’ve traveled, using location tracking.

Who are your friends

Google knows who you talk to and what you talk about. It also knows who you were with and when.

Your likes, dislikes

Based on what you search for, Google knows what foods, books, movies, videos and shops you like or dislike.

Your future plans

Your searches on Google give an idea of what you are thinking about, including your future plans. Have you started searching for information about parenting techniques? If so, Google knows what you’re expecting.

Your online life

Google also knows about the websites you’ve visited, your autofill data, and your bookmarks.

Here’s a sample of what Google knows:

Personalized ad

Go to ad settings in your Google account and you will see a list like this. Clicking on each of these will give you details and an opportunity to correct Google’s estimate.

Google knows your age

Google can also state whether you are married or single:

Google about your marital status

Information about your educational qualification:


It can even know if you live in a rented house or own a house:

home ownership

Google also keeps track of your interests:

Your interest

How to know

Click this link. You must be logged in to Google. If you are not logged in, click on the Sign in button and log in with your Gmail ID. Now see what Google thinks about you.


List of where you live, where you go

List of all your activities with Google

List of videos you have watched on YouTube

List of what you searched for on YouTube

List of your comments on YouTube

There was much more to say. Thinking that you might lose patience, I finished here. If you have any questions about this article, please comment.

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