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The Booker Prize 2020

Shuggie Bain Book by Douglas Stuart

Douglas Stuart, a Scottish author has won this year’s Booker Prize. The Booker Prize is considered as the most prestigious literary award of Britain. Every year this award is given for the best English language Fiction published in Britain.

Stuart has been given the Prize for his debut novel Shuggie Bain. This is a “coming of age “genre novel about Shuggie, a boy living with his alcoholic mother. The novel is significantly autobiographical. The setting of the novel is spread in 1980s Glasgow, Scotland where Douglas Stuart was born and grown up. He is now living in New York City.

The prize money for this award is around 66000 USD. Douglas was finally announced as the winner of the prize out of 13 finalists. He is the only British writer of this list. Most of the writers of the list are of American. The story of the novel is a love story in essence. The unconditional love and devotion of the children for the flawed and dysfunctional parents. The Man Booker Prize was first initiated in 1969. 

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