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Necrophilia in Bangladesh

Necrophilia in Bangladesh

Recently, like many other I have come across a news report on a boy who works at a morgue in one of the public hospitals of Dhaka. He is allegedly engaged in having sexual intercourse with the dead bodies of girls and women sent to the morgue for autopsy. This is both gross and awful. In fact I know no word to describe exactly how did I feel when I first came across this news.

At one time during my student life I had developed a sort of deep interest on magic, both natural magic and demonic magic. During that time I came across many terms starting with “necro” like necromancer and necrophilia to name two. In Greek, “nekros” means dead bodies. Necromancers are sorcerers who communicate with the dead to make divination, cast spell and other magical practices.

Necrophilia literally means affection, attraction to the dead. In most cases this attraction implies erotic attraction to the dead bodies. When I came across that news, this term came to my mind immediately. But I didn’t imagine even for a once that I will have to place and use this term in the context of Bangladesh.

That necrophiliac boy has been arrested. The police said that they have solid evidence for the accusation. We should also delve into why this boy has developed this unusual disposition from both social and psychological perspective.  Many people have raised the concern that the girls and women are not safe even after they die. This is very sad indeed.

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