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The Secret Wife Kept From Her Husband for 60 Years

Wife Revealed the Secret She Had Kept From Her Husband

A woman and her husband had been married for 60 years and had remained faithful and loving this entire time.

However, the woman did have one secret; a shoebox in her closet. The shoebox itself was not a secret, but the wife had told the husband that he was never to open or ask about the box, so the contents remained unknown.

The wife fell ill one day and the doctor said she may not make it. The husband took the box and brought it to her bedside and asked if he may open it. With her permission, he took the top off and pulled out $95,000 and two crocheted dolls. He asked what all of this was.

“Well,” the wife began, “my grandmother once told me that the secret to a successful marriage was to never get angry at your husband. Instead, when you’re angry, you should crochet a little doll”.

The husband began to weep tears of joy that she had been angry so few times.

“That’s wonderful, dear”, the man began. “But what’s with the $95,000?”

“That’s the money I made from selling dolls.”

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