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Story of Gopal Bhar

Gopal Bhar

Gopal Bhar or Gopal Bhand was a court jester in medieval Bengal. He was in the court of Raja Krishnachandra, the then-king of Nadia in the 18th century. Gopal used to give joy to others by laughter and ridicule.

Let’s read Gopal Bhar’s story …

The younger uncle’s pan and the elder uncle’s Rui fish

A close relative of Raja Krishnachandra often came to the royal court and used to gossip. Everyone present at the meeting understood that the man was telling fibs. Yet no one said anything. Because the man is a close relative of the king.

Gopal was present at the Royal Court that day. The man started his gossip as usual, and said, ‘We had a big iron pan in my younger uncle’s house. The pan was so large that it had to be left on the field because there wasn’t enough place for it in the house. When the pan was filled with water on a rainy day, it looked like a pond. The people of the village used to take a bath in that pan. I used to swim.’

Gopal also started the story. ‘Listen gentlemen, listen to the story of my elder uncle. My elder uncle was a big hunter. He once went out hunting and was caught in a storm. When he was returning home after the storm, he saw a huge Rui fish floating in the water of a lake. The fish was so big, at least fifty cubits long. Elder uncle threw the spear in his hand, killed the fish, and brought it home, and fried it thoroughly. We, all the villagers ate that fried fish. What can I say about the taste of the fish, I still have that taste in my mouth. ‘

King’s relatives understood that Gopal was also telling a fib. He said sarcastically, “Gopal, where did your uncle get such a big fish frying pan?”

Gopal immediately replied, ‘My elder uncle borrowed the pan from your younger uncle!’

The Raja and everyone present laughed out loud at Gopal’s reply.

When will the warehouse set on fire again?

It was Gopal’s job to go to the royal court of Raja Krishnachandra and make fun to amuse the king and everyone present at the meeting. It was also his job to do research in different places. Gopal believed that a lot of experience and knowledge is gained while traveling around the country.

One day while walking along the road, Gopal saw a fire in a potato warehouse. Many people were picking burnt potatoes. After walking a long way, Gopal got very hungry. So he also collected salt and filled his stomach by eating burnt potatoes from that warehouse.

As he was leaving, he asked the owner of the warehouse, “Mister, when will your potato warehouse catch fire again?”

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