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Briefly on Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona with football

I didn’t have a chance to watch Maradona playing live as I was only seven years old when his active playing ended on around 1997. He was banned in 1994 as he tested positive of drugs during USA World Cup.

Maradona has played actively from 1976 to 1997 in different teams including Argentine National Team. Since 1994 to 2020 he had been Manager to at least eight different teams.

Madadona was born as we all know by now in 1960 on 30th October. As an October born he is a Scorpio by Zodiac sign. He has passed his last breath yesterday on 25th November 2020 at the age of 60. He had a cardiac attack.

His date of death has coincided with the death of his one of the best friend Fidel Castro. We all know who Fidel Castro and also who Che Guevara is. Fidel also breathed his last on 25th November. Fidel died on 25th November 2016 when he was 90 years old. Maradona has died rather young we must say. Fidel used to address Maradona as “Dear Friend”. When Maradona was going through a hard time due to the drug allegations and also drug abuse he found a safe haven in Fidel. He has gone to Fidel’s country Cuba several times for treatment.

Maradona had tattoos of Fidel and Che in his legs and arms. Hugo Chavej, former President of Venezuela, was also a dear friend of Maradona. Maradona had a great love for his country Argentina. He used to wear wrist watch on both of his hands. It was not only a hobby for him but he wore watch on both of his hands because in one watch he saw Argentine time and in another local time of where he is now.

Maradona has played in 4 World Cup for his country Argentina. He has played 91 matches scoring 34 goals in World Cups. He won 1986 World Cup for his country after which he also led his team into Final in 1990 World Cup but lost to then West Germany. And we all know the unfortunate story of his return to Argentina due to drug test positive during 1994 USA World Cup after playing only two matches.

Whole world is saddened by his death. Almost everyone with some exceptions claims that he is the best footballer of all times. He is called “God of Football” for a reason. I saw the hands of god in action and also legs on several Youtube videos. 25th November is the day of the return of the god to god.

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