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Persona Non Grata to the Throne and the Pm for 5 Times Sheikh Hasina

Sheikh Hasina

The British ruled not only us but also all over the world for almost 200 years. Today, the city mayor of London is Pakistani-origin British citizen Sadik Khan. London is the city from which the British once ruled the world. The British ruler, or Prime Minister, is an Indian-origin British citizen who rules the nation. These were subjects of which I was proud as a citizen of the subcontinent.

But when the Btish ruler himself said, Me and my wife are your fans; we admire you; we are inspired by you; you are an economic leader; I want my two daughters to be like you; you are a world leader, then our pride as Bangladeshis There is no limit. The person for whom these words are given is none other than the little daughter of a world leader and architect of the independence of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu Sheikh Muziur Rahman, born and brought up on the bank of the Madhumati River and Prime Minister of Bangladesh for almost 20 years, or four times, and who gets oath for the fifth time, Sheikh Hasina.

A few months ago, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, started a tri-nation state journey. The three nations are Japan, the USA, and the UK, which are very important actors for the world as well as for the financial, political, and infrastructural development of Bangladesh. The Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina returned home on May 17, 2023, after finishing the journey from the UK.

Prince Charles William inherited the kingship of the empire after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, joined the coronation. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, and the Prime Minister of the UK, Rishi Sunak, joined a bi-lateral meeting at this time. The famous leader Rishi Sunak told the words of another famous leader, Sheikh Hasina, at the time of the meeting about the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, the little daughter who was born and brought up on the bank of the Madhumati River under the district of Gopalgonj, Bangladesh.

There are a lot of reasons to follow this Magician of Politics, who is the competent inherent of the Poet of Politics. She is a Magician of Politics because she did whatever she sketched with her magic in politics after coming back home. Until August 15, 1975, the people of Bangladesh adored their president’s daughter, Sheikh Hasina. After the 15th of August of 1975, she became a persona non grata to the new government and the diplomatic officials of the government, and she had to face many difficulties to live abroad as well. However, she stayed in the soil of a foreign country after a series of struggles.

Then she returned home on May 17th, 1981, from the political asylum of London, ignoring threats of apprehension and even death threats, and took over the responsibilities of the ancient, historical political party, the Bangladesh Awami League, as well as the throne of PM for Bangladesh and even the leader of world leaders. Her father, Bangabandhu Sheikh Muzibur Rahman, also returned home from the political detention of Karachi via London, becoming a king (president). She ensured multi-party democracy in this country after the end of the H.M. Ershad regime through joint movements with other political parties in 1989, as well as making the position of her own political party stronger.

Then it compelled another government to resign within 15 days of forming through the joint movement with another political party, Jamat Islami Bangladesh, which incepted caretaker government phenomena in the country and formed a new government with the political party jointly again materializing the Parliamentary Elections of 2014, 2018, and 2024 without caretaker government, though it’s the one point demand of many political parties. Since May 2023, the Hasina government has taken different initiatives in favor of Jamat Islami Bangladesh. Even the high officials of the government have commented positively, though the Hasina government took different action against Jamat Islami Bangladesh after 2013. Different activities made the party influential in the country again.

This is the time to fulfill the agenda of the party for the people. It starts with electrification all over the country, where electricity was used for a certain period, and the rest of the time, the citizens used to depend on candles or hurricanes (local objects used as lamps) in the city area. The electricity in the village was beyond my imagination. Countrywide roads were muddy, other than some special roads in the city area.

Today, a large portion of young people don’t have knowledge about candles, hurricanes, or muddy roads. Even we will have to search through Google if we want to let them know the objects. These have been possible only because of the sagacious, courageous, and tactful political leadership of the Magician of Politics, the little daughter of the Poet of Politics born and brought up on the bank of the river Madhumati.

We used to require 100 thousand BDT to buy a mobile phone connection, then 10 thousand in 1996. Now, only 10 BDT, or free of charge, is required for the connection. In that time, only a few industrialists had the capability to purchase mobile phones by which they could make audio calls only, but now a days, most people have the capability to purchase more mobile phones by which they can make not only audio calls but also video calls, as well as almost all facilities of the internet.

Today, 4G internet networks are available in Rosulpur village, Bangladesh, like those in New York, Jiddah, London, or Islamabad. In this sense, there is no difference between the famous cities of the world and the village of Bangladesh. The young people of the country are bringing millions of dollars of foreign currency sitting in the village of the country through freelancing work with world-famous organizations like Aramco, Amazon, Google, or YouTube.

Now it’s possible to reach from one side to another side of the country directly within a few hours because of larger bridges like Meghna, Jamuna, and Padma, while once it took a few days for the same. The big cities of the country now under the network of airways, as well as M.A. G. Osmani Airport, Sylhet, Hazrat Shah Poran Airport, and Ctg, have developed international airport standards, including extending the capabilities of Hazrat Shah Jalal International Airport.

The CTG, Mongla, and Payra seaports have been developed as deep seaports. The communication between city and village has been easier because of the construction of a tunnel under the Kornophuli River in Ctg. The commuters of Dhaka city have seen metro rail as well as many flyovers. Many development projects have been completed and undertaken, propelling the country to new heights.

Many cantonments have been made to secure the country from external enemies. The name of Bangladesh has been branded in the Peacekeeping Operation of the United Nations, and the Bengali language has been started in Sierra Leone and Liberia as an important language.

Once we would hear the crying sound of the inhabitants of the enclaves from the noman’s land of India and Bangladesh, now the issue has been solved through the much-awaited Land Boundary Agreement (LBA). We would see tension several times between the naval forces of India and Bangladesh, as well as Myanmar and Bangladesh. Problems have been solved through the International Court of Justice, and the verdict has come in favor of Bangladesh only because of the sagacious leadership of the little daughter of the Poet of Politics. As a result, Bangladesh has a hugely resourceful oceanic area.

She, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh for five times, the Magician of Politics, the daughter of the Poet of Politics from the bank Madhumati, becomes the leader not only in the country but also the leader of world leaders developing every sector of the country, as the words of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak prove.

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Written by:

Muhammad Al-Helal
Muhammad Al-Helal
Columnist and MPhil Researcher (ABD), International Relations, University of Dhaka

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