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Colonial Taxes and the French Vicious Cycle


A friend in France said that on December 20 last year, just before Christmas, the French government sent a minimum bonus of 200 euros per family to their accounts.

With that money, everyone happily went shopping for Christmas.

Friend said that France is a fairly standard welfare country, nearly like Scandinavia or Canada. Central Europe is the bearer and carrier of extraordinary heritage, unique in culture.

Very true.

Colonial Tax

I told my friend that the French government got this extra money from its former African colonies. Fourteen African countries still pay a bizarre tax called the ‘colonial tax’ to France. Much like the jizya tax. And that’s about $500 billion a year.

Colonial Africa
Colonial Africa

They are Mali, Gabon, Chad, Niger, Senegal, Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso, Congo, Ivory Coast, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon and Guinea-Bissau.

Colonial Economy

These countries have an obligation to keep 50-65% of their foreign reserves in the French central bank, which is controlled by the French finance minister! They can’t even spend that money as they want. They have to get permission from France.

This was their exit condition for gaining independence from France.

Not only that, the construction cost of all the installations built by France during the colonial period has to be paid;

France would be the first to buy the mineral resources found in these colonies, at a price set by France;

French must be their official language;

Official language
Official language

The French currency, the franc, has to be their currency through the medium of exchange;

Senior military officers will be trained in France at their own expense;

Cannot conclude military agreement without French permission –

There were and are a number of such bizarre conditions in the Colonial Pact.

The Destruction

When France first left the African nation of Guinea in 1958, they destroyed their buildings, roads, and structures. Books were taken out of the library, piled up, and burned.

The French colonial government destroyed their portable property as well as stored food, livestock farms, everything.

In one fell swoop, they withdrew 4,000 civil servants from the country overnight, so that the administration became completely paralyzed. The purpose was to send a strong message to the rest of the colonies.

These were part of their planned sabotage. They used to call it a joke, A Divorce Without Alimony.

From 1963 to 2012, they assassinated about 22 presidents in various African countries. One assassination after another, the Coup d’état, forced African countries to abide by the agreement. African countries acquired “contracted freedom”.

The French have more in common with the Pakistani aggressors of 1971 when it comes to vindictive and destructive activities.

On the contrary, the British are better than them. We can still see installations made by Britain.

You will be surprised to know one more amazing information about France.

Britain sent their criminals to exile to Australia-New Zealand. Where did France send all their criminals to exile?

In America.

In 1719, prisoners in Paris prisons were promised freedom under two conditions: they would marry prostitutes on the streets of Paris, and they would sail straight to Louisiana, USA.

There they will live, eat, and reproduce. And will work to keep the French Empire alive.

The southern state of Louisiana was predominantly a French colony. It was named after the French emperor Louis XIV. The current capital of the state is Baton Rouge, which in French means Red Stick.

The Extraction

Zidane is one of my favorite players. Not just for the game, but for his extraordinary personality.

France extracts oil and gas for almost free from Zidane’s ancestral country, Algeria. Most of the uranium needed for France’s nuclear reactors comes from Gabon.

Extraction of France from Africa
Extraction of France from Africa

The economies of these 14 African countries are being held hostage by France. France maintains such ‘satellite economies’ whose job is to provide cheap raw materials to the French economy.

So France can afford the luxury of paying a bonus of 200 euros per family.

Everyone’s income is not equal.

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