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Will Messi Participate in the Next World Cup or Retire?

Lionel Messi

Will Messi participate in the next World Cup or retire from the national team after the Copa America?

Prior to determining whether Messi will participate in the upcoming World Cup, we must comprehend Messi’s motivation for coming to America.

  1. To establish his own brand in the world’s largest luxury market.
  2. To stay fit by avoiding the tight schedule of the European League.

We all know that the USA is the most resource-consuming country in the world. With only 333 million people, this country alone uses 6% of all resources in the world.

They use the most expensive brand items in the world. So, Messi had to establish himself and his brand here. You cannot sell a t-shirt for 70 or 80 dollars or a jacket for 200 or 300 dollars in the whole world. Because people from other countries have no such ability to buy such a product at this price.

The American market is big, and the customers of this market also have money in their pockets. Even if there are hundreds of millions of people in India or China, you will not find many customers willing to buy goods at this price in that market.

If you think about business, Messi’s move to America comes from a great marketing sense.

And the second thing is, who does not know about the tight schedule in Europe? You have to play one important match after 3 days; there is no time to take a deep breath. The intensity of the game is also very high there.

If a 36-year-old man played all the matches of the full season here, it is not possible to say how long he could have survived without injury. Considering this, Messi also went to America to keep himself fit.

And Messi doesn’t need to learn new games; he only needs to keep himself fit to play for the national team. That’s why Messi has been playing selectively lately.

Only Messi knows whether he will play in the 2026 World Cup or not. However, looking at his movement and playing pattern, it seems that Messi is saving his energy to play only for the national team.

I strongly believe that if Messi wins the Copa America in 2024, he will definitely be ready for the 2026 World Cup. If everything goes well, Messi will be seen at the 2026 World Cup in America, where he is already staying.

Everything seems pre-planned to me.

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