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When Art becomes Reality!

Artwork on Messi destroying Betis from 6 years ago is made a reality by himself!

A student’s illustration of Lionel Messi on the field has found a real-life match six years later, as the footballer is spotted striking an almost identical pose.

  • In 2013, Suhas Nahian sketched the football icon Lionel Messi on the pitch.
  • A photograph taken during a 2019 match showcased Messi striking an almost identical pose.
  • Suhas mentioned that he had tuned in to the La Liga game where Messi netted a hat-trick.
  • It was a friend who called him up and drew attention to the remarkable resemblances between his artwork and the actual match.

In 2013, the artist Suhas Nahian painted a piece depicting Lionel Messi taking on some defenders, and remarkably, the scenario he had illustrated came to life in 2019, just as he had envisioned. Suhas Nahian expressed his joy on both Instagram and Facebook as Messi played a pivotal role in Barcelona’s 4-1 victory against Betis, turning his painting into a living reality.

Who is Suhas Nahian?

Suhas Nahian

Suhas Nahian (pictured above), who currently heads an architecture firm, revealed that the digital artwork he created back in 2013 gained recognition when it was shared on a football fan page named Plaantik.

Suhas Nahian is an architect from Bangladesh, and he is a graphic designer in his free time. He is describing himself as “an architect by day and an artist by night. We see the world in different colors, and I try to express how I see it through my art.”

What he said

Suhas mentioned that he didn’t intentionally select Betis’ white and green jersey for his artwork. He explained, “Barcelona’s jersey is incredibly vibrant with its blue and red colors, so, from a color perspective, I wanted to paint the rest of the composition in green to ensure Messi remained the focal point.” He continued, “So, I opted for this green and white jersey, not necessarily with Betis in mind, but rather driven by my color choice.”

Painting of Messi
What he painted in 2013

Suhas explained that his artwork was intended to be part of a football-themed series, which he had envisioned to include Messi’s dribbling, Cristiano Ronaldo’s header, and Xavi’s turn. He mentioned, “I am a Barcelona fan, but I admire all great players, and that’s what motivated me to embark on this football series. However, after completing the painting of Messi’s dribbling, I couldn’t find the inspiration to finish the rest.”

“I am glad my only painting brought me so much fame, as it has been published in many Spanish, Argentine, and Indian media,” he said.

Barcelona Vs Real Betis
What happened in 2019

And this was the result:

Barcelona Betis Score

A fan said:

If you want: Skills: Ask Neymar. Magic: Ask Ronaldinho. Free kick goals: Ask Beckham. Goals: Ask Ronaldo. Playmaking: Ask Xavi. You want all those, ask Messi.

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