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Every Samsung Phone Has This Problem

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I am using Samsung Galaxy A21s. I have been facing this problem since the day I bought this mobile. Several updates have been applied but no solution. I contacted online support; they failed to solve this. Even I physically contacted customer care center; one of them from there said,

“Sir, I am using Samsung mobile, and I am facing this problem too.”

Now let me tell you what the problem is. This is all about USSD response. If you use mobile data, you might be familiar with this. After using internet, when you disable mobile data, mobile operators usually send USSD response telling how much data you have used and how much data has left. Sometimes it’s just normal response and sometimes they advertise in it. You can reply with the number associated with data pack or minute pack to buy it.

It’s okay because if I don’t have any interest in those offer, I just press cancel or if it arouses interest, I reply with related number to buy a package.

Sometimes these responses come late. If it’s a normal response, screen goes out when screen timeout passes. But if it contains advertisement or offer with reply options, screen won’t go out, screen light won’t be turned off, won’t be extinguished, never. Take a look:

ussd response problem in samsung

Cursor continues to blink and screen remains awake. Until you press cancel, screen light will stay on.

I used mobile data, then turned it off and went to bed around 12:00 am. Battery was around 80%. USSD response came late, so I didn’t get the chance to press cancel. When the response came, screen turned on and remained awake till 4:14 am, when I woke up. I saw the cursor was blinking demanding my reply and battery consumed to 52%. It happens frequently and thus my mobile’s battery is getting weak day by day.

I used several apps to fight this problem. First, I used some screen timeout apps. They could not solve this. So I used some USSD blocker apps. They managed to close the keyboard but the screen still remained awake.

Do you have any solution for this problem? If so, please comment below.

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