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Screen Recorder Not Working Samsung or Any Android Mobile Phone

Screen recorder is't working on android

I have been using screen recorder on my android for a long time. I use a screen recorder to make tutorial videos.

Screen recording android 11

When I updated to version 11, I noticed that the screen recorder “start now” pop-up is not appearing on android. I was asking myself-

What happened to screen recording? Why can’t I screen record on my Android? Why my screen recorder is not working? Why is my screen recording not showing up? How do I enable screen recording?

I’ve searched a lot on the internet. But I haven’t found a suitable solution. Eventually I’ve solved my problem and I’m making tutorial videos again.

Here are two solutions:

1. Grant Permission Pop-up or Start Now Button Cannot be Pressed

If the grant permission pop-up or start now button appears, but can’t be pressed, then this is the solution for you.

Either turn OFF or Force Stop or Uninstall your Blue Light/ Screen Filter. This will solve the touch problems you are experiencing.

Check in the drop-down menu> Turn the Filter Status to OFF.

Blue Screen filter
turn off screen filter

If turning off the screen filter doesn’t make the screen recorder’s start now button clickable, force stop or uninstall it.

Go to Settings > Applications > Force Stop or Uninstall your Blue Light or Screen Filter:

Force stop or uninstall
Force stop or uninstall blue light or screen filter

2. Screen recorder start now pop up is not appearing on android

If the screen recorder start now pop-up isn’t appearing at all, you have to reset app preferences. This solution solved my problem.

Go to Settings > APPS > Press your MENU button (three dots) and click “Reset App Preferences” > When the pop up appears, select “Reset Apps”:

Reset app preferences
Reset app preferences

Now start your screen recorder. Grant all permissions it requires. You’ll be able to record your screen now.

Please comment below if this tutorial helps.

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