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A Clever Elder Brother

Clever Elder Brother

There were two brothers in a village. One was Karim by name and the other was Bashir.

Karim was the elder brother of Bashir. They began to grow up gradually. Suddenly their father died. They fell into the problem to some extent.

Karim was cleverer than Bashir. The younger one was very simple and honest. Karim always made his brother do difficult work and he didn’t do any work. They had three things. A cow, a palm tree, and a blanket.

One day the two brothers divided their properties. Karim took the back part of the cow and gave the front to his brother. In the same way, Karim himself took the top of the palm tree and gave the bottom to his brother. Karim took the blanket for the night and gave it to his brother for the daytime.

Karim began to enjoy the benefits of the properties. Karim began to drink milk from the cow and juice from the palm tree. He enjoyed the warmth of the blanket on the night of winter.

But Bashir was deprived of getting any advantage. He just fed the cow, didn’t get palm juice, and the blanket was useless to him during the daytime.

One day a clever man in the village, advised Bashir to cut down the palm tree of this own portion, to stop feeding the cow, and to soak the blanket in water. Then the problem was solved.

The cow stopped giving milk and there is no palm juice anymore. Besides, Karim couldn’t use the soaked blanket in the cold night.

Elder brother understood his fault and promised not to play tricks anymore.

Moral: Don’t deprive your brother.

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