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13 students in Thakurgaon test positive for Covid-19

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Thirteen students of three different educational institutions in Thakurgaon city were found corona positive. All the students are members of Thakurgaon Government Shishu Paribar girls’ branch. They study in different schools staying in Shishu Paribar. They were placed in quarantine after they were confirmed Corona positive on Thursday.

Rikta Banu, the deputy superintendent of Shishu Paribar Girls ‘Branch of Thakurgaon, confirmed that the students were positive on Friday evening.For this incident, it has been decided to stop teaching the respective classes of the three educational institutions.

According to government Shishu Paribars’ sources, there are 65 members in the girls’ branch. They study in different educational institutions in the city. On September 17, a member of the Shishu Paribar developed corona symptoms. He studies at Hajipara Adarsh ​​High School in the city. Then the symptoms spread to a few more people. They were then stopped from going to school. On September 20, samples were collected from 25 members of the children’s family. Corona test results of 13 people came positive.

Rikta Banu, deputy superintendent of Shishu Paribar Balika, said five of the thirteen are the students of Bahadurpara Government Primary School and Hajipara Adarsh ​​High School in Sadar upazila. The other three are the students of an educational institution called Sonali Shaishab. They are being treated in quarantine. The covid sample of twenty one more members of the Shishu Paribar Balika was examined on Friday. However, the results are not yet found. All the members of the Shishu Paribar will be tested for corona virus periodically.

Farhana Parveen, Headmaster of Bahadurpara Government Primary School, said her school has 426 students. Of these, there are 84 students in class four and 76 students in class Five. The covid positive five students were present in the school from September 12 to September 16 after the commencement of classes. They had no symptom of corona virus in them.

Farhana Parveen added that , the Shishu Paribar have been contacted after finding them absent in the class. She came to know that those five students are affected from covid-19. The matter was immediately reported to the higher authorities.For the time being, the teaching of class five and four have been stopped through verbal instructions. However, teaching activities of class one to three are going on regularly.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer of Thakurgaon Sadar Abdullah Al Mamun said the issue was discussed at a meeting of the District Corona Prevention Committee on Thursday. After that it has been decided to stop teaching of the concerned class. From now on, if the student of any educational institution is affected by corona, the teaching of the concerned class will be stopped.

Civil Surgeon Mahfuzar Rahman Sarkar said they were closely monitoring the matter. The victims are being treated in quarantine. All the members of Shishu paribar will be tested for covid-19 periodically. He advised parents to be careful not to send any student to school if he has corona symptoms.

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