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Asgardian Fairy


Walking down the street
Saw you on a bench
You were reading something like magazine
Felt like a fairy came down on earth
From the planet of Asgard
As if never before seen such a scene

Started going to that place
Every now and then
But she didn’t show up
In a short time span

In the June I recall
She appeared again
In the same place
From where my craze firstly begin

In September first met her up front
A few days later told her my feelings
She said nothing but smiled with silence
That day made us sign an unwritten bond

The bold me started getting shy
She was controlling me
I was following her lead
Her shyness flipped in a blink of eye

I told her,
Every time I see you
I feel the same eternal love
Your smile is a panacea
Your lips makes me wanna drink
From the cascade of joy

Yeah girl, i mean every word I say
You are my heaven you keep sadness away
You are the reason why I breathe
You keep away my anger and annoy

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Written by:

Nura Alam Masum
Nura Alam Masum
I feel ecstacy to introduce myself a pharmaceutical chemist. All of my family members are involved in writing. I am fond of novels, stories, poetry, songwriting and singing as well. In my leisure period I like to write different stuffs. I am fond of music too.

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