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I had been feeling very restless for the last couple of weeks. I could not sleep and if I could that after long hours of changing sides to feel finally relaxed. It must have something to do with COVID -19 I conclude. But in reality it was happening because I stopped reading book or anything readable. Reading calms my mind as it does to anyone else. Different genre of books has different calming and reading effect on mind.

Almost everyone knows about the term bibliotherapy. The art and practice of treating mental and psychological disorder including anxiety, depression, and stress induced physical discomfort and so on by recommending and suggesting appropriate books based on the individual condition. Some might need a book of poetry, some might be advised to read a novel or novella or short stories of various authors depending on the analysis of the predicament and other variables including individual choice and also the books considered proper by the psychotherapist or psychoanalyst or even a counselor. One can even choose one’s own book to start with. This is wiser I presume depending on the soundness of judgment one has.

Bibliophiles suffer less from stress and anxiety I deem. For my case I am not a bibliophile. But I read. And the anxiety attack I had been facing lately was induced due to not following my reading rituals. I must admit that there were other factors like work related stress and pressure. But to my judgment the anxiety had resulted from not reading a book. So I started reading a book. I was too desperate to waste time to analyze and deliberate what book I should start with. I felt like any book will do.

I started reading The Silent Patient. A 2019 published popular psychological thriller Novel. And after reading a few chapters (the chapters in this book are very short) I started to feel a sort of calm. I have already finished two bigger parts of the novel. There are five parts in this novel. It might sound like I will write a book review, but I won’t. I have just again freshly realized the importance of reading books and how it helps to stay calm and especially how it helps us to cope with reality by having us made more resilient.

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