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Cholesterol is the Gang Leader in the City

Cholesterol is the gang leader

Let’s know a little about the types of cholesterol.
There are basically three varieties of cholesterol:

  1. Triglycerides
  2. HDL
  3. LDL

Let me tell you a story now:

If our body is a small town, then the gang leader of this city is cholesterol. His main associates are triglycerides. Their job is to make a mess on the streets and tease the girls. The heart is the center point of this city. All the streets of the city come to the center.

You all know what happens when the number of criminals is high. They will block all the streets and paralyze the center (heart) of the city. You’ll die then. Even if you don’t, the strike of the criminals will often cause something to happen in your favorite city that will leave you almost dead. The wedding ring may still be in your finger, but you may have to implant a ring in your heart as well!

Are there no police in our city? Who will crossfire the criminals or put them in jail?
Yes, there is. His name is HDL.

He picks up these gangsters from the streets and puts them in jail. Do you know the prison? The liver is the prison. The liver makes them bile salts and expels them out of the city through the city’s sewage line (along with stool). What a strange punishment for the criminals!

It’s fun, isn’t it?
HDL looks like a friend, doesn’t it?

The younger brother of the police, Little DL, or LDL for short, is a politician. He lobbies to pick up the gang (cholesterol or triglycerides) from the prison and put them back on the streets. Now the whole body gets jammed, and LDL chuckles.

HDL comes running, alas. But he can’t compete with the combined might of the LDL and the gangsters. The fewer the police, the more the gangsters rejoice. The environment in the city becomes unhealthy.

Who likes a city like this?
Do you want to reduce the gangsters and increase the police?
Then walk.

With every step of yours, HDL (police) will increase, LDL (lobbying politician) will decrease, and criminals (cholesterol) will decrease! Your city (body) will come back to life.

Your heart will survive the blockage (heart block).
And that means you will survive too.

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Written by:

Morshed Alam
A teacher by profession, a traveler by passion and a netizen by choice.

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