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Aubrey Argylle Kingsman: Who is Aubrey Argylle? Is Argylle Connected With Kingsman?

Aubrey Argylle Kingsman

In the credit scene of the movie Argylle, a title card reveals that the scene takes place 20 years before the events in the film. The scene is captured in black and white. A young man with dark hair enters a country pub named The King’s Man, which is a clever reference to Vaughn’s Kingsman movie series. Approaching the bartender, he confidently orders a “cosmopolitan with a twist.” However, the barman dismisses his request, mentioning that their establishment is neither a cocktail bar nor a nightclub.

The young man answers, “Hold the Cointreau. And the cranberry juice. And the vodka. Just the twist.” It’s a silly line, but it’s also code. The barman hands the young man a fancy box containing a pistol and asks the young man’s name. He reveals that he’s Aubrey Argylle – the character from Elly Conway’s books, played by Henry Cavill in the movie.

The director of the movie, Vaugn said that he is the younger Argylle. That’s Argylle before he became a spy.

“Argylle: Book One – The Movie – Coming Soon,” reads text on the screen.

“The movie (Argylle) is book four; this is about book four and book five. This is a scene from book one,” Matthew Vaughn explained to a podcast in February 2024.

The first book centres on Argylle’s early days as a spy, when he’s recruited by CIA spymaster Frances Coffey.

The scene firmly sets Argylle in the Kingsman world, but it raises many questions. Why was young Aubrey in trouble at all? Was he a member of the Kingsman? Did he also work with, for, or even against Rachel Kylle’s division? How do the two know each other? Why did she subconsciously make Aubrey the hero of her novels but not remember him when she regained her memories? And why did the English Argylle show up to her book signing with a terrible Southern American accent and out-of-date hairstyle? Was that merely a one-day cover?

Is Argylle connected to Kingsman?

Argylle Kingsman connection

As for the fact that the scene takes place in a pub called The King’s Man, it’s likely that there will be a crossover.

It’s more just a confirmation that the fictional world of Argylle takes place in the same world as Kingsman.

Vaughn said, “All I’ll say is that Argylle (Henry Cavill) wears beautifully tailored Nehru collar suits, and he has to go to the best tailor in the world to get them made.”

Here is an interview with Vaughn:

Is that Aubrey Argylle? Is he the version we see in the bar in the post-credits scene?

VAUGHN: The younger version, yeah. Aubrey Argylle, if you read the book, is what you see in the post-credits sequence, which is the younger Argylle. That’s Argylle before he became a spy.

This gets confusing. Is that kid you see as young Argylle the younger version of Henry that we see at the end of the movie?

VAUGHN: One of them. Yes.

It says, “Argylle Book 1 The Movie, coming soon.” What does that mean?

VAUGHN: Argylle Book One The Movie, coming soon. It means what it says on the tin. If people like the movie, read book one, which is now published. We’re making that with Louis Partridge.

You can see how it gets confusing.

VAUGHN: Confusing, but rather obvious when you see it. And Argylle 2 will be our characters that you hopefully liked in Argylle 1, and with Henry with a mullet.

Are Argylle and the Kingsman in the same universe?

VAUGHN: Well, I’m hoping with Marv, we’ve got Kingsman on the left, we have Argylle on the right, and I do think there’s a space in the middle where I haven’t played with yet. But both could help me get into the middle ground.

Because the bar in the post-credits scene is called The Kingsman. So, for something like that, do you need anyone’s permission to put the Kingsman there, or because Marv owns it, you can do whatever you want?

VAUGHN: I asked myself, and I said yes.

I didn’t realize that you owned the rights, and obviously that means you can do whatever the hell you want.

VAUGHN: For good and for bad.

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