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Who is the Luckiest Person in Titanic, Jack or Rose?


Most of us have seen the movie “Titanic”. Titanic certainly earned its place among cinema’s finest moments. It’s an exciting and emotional ride that hasn’t lost its glow.
Do you know who the luckiest person in the movie is?

Is it Jack, who fell in love with the most beautiful girl Rose? Nope.

Is it Rose, who found a man who sacrificed his life to save her from death? Nope.

No. It’s neither Jack nor Rose.
The luckiest person is the unknown guy who lost his ticket to Jack.

Luckiest Person in Titanic Movie

Losing that ticket saved his life. If he had won the ticket, he might have drowned in that icy water.

What is the golden message?

Sometimes failure is good. Sometimes it’s better to lose. There is a victory in the mid set of loss.

If you have failed your exam.
If you have failed in your life.
If you didn’t reach your goal.
If you have failed in your love life.

Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes failure is good too.

Maybe God saved you from the biggest disaster.

So, don’t lose your hope. Live a long life.

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