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Project Shadow Sonic 2 – What Is Project Shadow

project shadow sonic 2 - what is the project shadow

The topic of this article is Project Shadow Sonic 2. In the post-credits scene from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film, we see that the GUN (Guardian Units of Nations) is searching for Robotnik’s body. An agent informs the commander that they have gone through Robotnik’s archives and they have uncovered a file dating back 50 years. That file mentions a top-secret research facility and a project called ‘Project Shadow.’

My God… Project Shadow.

Commander Walters

Finally, a black-and-red hedgehog is shown that woke up from his stasis in a capsule.

Who is that black and red hedgehog?

Game fans will know him immediately. Say hello to Shadow the Hedgehog.

Shadow first debuted in the 2001 video game Sonic Adventure 2 as a result of a science experiment that was described as the “Ultimate Life Form.”

What is Project Shadow?

50 years ago, Robotnik’s grandfather started the Shadow Project to help cure his granddaughter Maria’s Neuro-Immune Deficiency disease. The final result was Shadow, a hedgehog that could be used as an immortal weapon. Unfortunately, Maria died on the space station where Shadow was built. In her final moments, she asked her new hedgehog friend to give the people of earth a “chance to be happy.” Shadow was then locked away in stasis.

If you don’t want to spoil upcoming movies any further, stop right here. But if you want to learn more, keep reading.

Project Shadow Details

Project Shadow was a medical research program conducted by the United Federation over fifty years before the events of the Black Arms’ invasion of earth to research immortality. The Black Arms are a race of evil alien invaders led by Black Doom.

Project Shadow produced two creatures bestowed with immortality:

  1. The prototype named The Biolizard,
  2. And the final product, Shadow the Hedgehog.
The 23rd report on Project Shadow, detailing the Biolizard
The 23rd report on Project Shadow, detailing the Biolizard

However, the project was shut down by the military when it appeared too dangerous, which indirectly resulted in the deaths of Gerald and his granddaughter Maria Robotnik.


Project Shadow was initiated over fifty years before the Black Arms’ invasion of earth by the President of the United Federation at that time under the purpose of achieving mankind’s ultimate eternal dream: researching for immortality.

However, the true motive of the project was to discover an immortality formula for developing weapons. Professor Gerald Robotnik was the most brilliant mind of his time. The President personally requested him for assistance. Initially, Gerald refused because he believed that they would use his research for war. Later, Gerald realized that he could adopt the program to find a cure for the incurable disease of his beloved granddaughter, Maria. Therefore, Gerald eventually accepted the proposal to lead the project on the Space Colony ARK, an orbiting facility isolated from earth. The project was strictly confidential. The project codename “Project Shadow” was derived from the intention to create a being which did not exist, making it as intangible as a shadow.


The project eventually produced the “Prototype of the Ultimate Lifeform”, called the Biolizard, which was modeled after a lizard. Eventually, the Biolizard evolved to become so unruly that the researchers had trouble controlling it.

Over time, the development of the ultimate lifeform continued and shifted. Gerald needed help with his work. So he made contact with Black Doom, the alien leader of the Black Arms race, during the fifty-year return of the Black Comet. In exchange for the seven Chaos Emeralds being delivered to him in fifty years, Black Doom assisted Gerald with his research, going so far as to provide genetic material for the project in the form of his own blood.

* The Chaos Emeralds are seven ancient emeralds and mystical relics tied to the Master Emerald that possess powerful properties and abilities. They are also known as the miracle gems or gems of miracles. In the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film, you are already introduced to Master Emerald.

Using the DNA of Black Doom, Gerald created a new version of the prototype, but using a more desirable physique for the creature.

Unease and accomplishment

Private information about the project leaked to GUN, presumably by internal staff who had witnessed the prototype going out of control. The nature of the project also made the government uneasy following Gerald’s contact with the Black Arms.

Project Shadow was eventually completed when Gerald produced a more advanced version of the prototype of the Ultimate Lifeform with Black Doom’s DNA: Shadow the Hedgehog. Gerald imparted Shadow with a heart and personality similar to that of Maria in the hopes that he would not become a weapon.


Considering how dangerous and costly Gerald’s experiments were, GUN set a plan to close the ARK itself.

GUN Soldiers invading the Space Colony ARK
GUN Soldiers invading the Space Colony ARK

Sometime after the completion of Project Shadow, the ARK was invaded by GUN Soldiers. They started evacuating civilians and killing researchers. During the attack, Gerald put his finishing touches on Shadow. As GUN’s Special Forces rushed the laboratory, Gerald had Maria escape with Shadow. Being chased, Maria and Shadow got to the escape pods, but Maria was shot by a soldier. Fatally wounded, Maria ejected Shadow to earth in an escape pod with her last strength. Meanwhile, Gerald made sure the escape pod was rejected safely toward earth.

Shadow on his way to the earth inside the capsule
Shadow on his way to the earth inside the capsule


Gerald was taken to Prison Island to continue his research under military control. The military later retrieved Shadow and brought him to Prison Island for Gerald to continue his work. When Gerald came to know that Maria had been killed, he went mad with grief. He secretly created a program that would cause the ARK to fall to earth and destroy it as his revenge at humanity, going as far as to brainwash Shadow to make him carry out his revenge when he awoke.

When the military began to fear how Gerald might avenge the murder of his granddaughter, they executed him, abandoned his research, and sealed the island.

Will Shadow appear in the next Sonic movie?

As the post-credits scene from the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film has debuted Shadow, it can be said that he will be in the next Sonic movie. So, yeah, he’ll appear in the next movie. Be ready to experience some actions from this “Ultimate Life Form.”

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