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Jake Lockley Moon Knight – Who Is Jake Lockley in Moon Knight

Jake Lockley Moon Knight - Who Is Jake Lockley in Moon Knight

In this article, I’ll talk about who is Jake Lockley in Moon Knight. Moon Knight is a television miniseries that was created based on the Marvel Comics.

The MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has a style of introducing new characters during the end credits. Moon Knight was no exception. In the final moments of the last episode, we were formally introduced to the superhero’s third personality. Who is the third personality in Moon Knight? It’s Jake Lockley.

Who is Jake Lockley in Moon Knight?

Moon Knight centered on Marc Spector and Steven Grant sharing a body. But a number of incidences indicated neither of them remembered certain events or took responsibility for some actions. These events indicated that a third personality was present. This is really interesting. Finally, it came true in the post-credits scene when Jake Lockley revealed himself to be in control of the body.

Marc Spector is the main personality, with two alter egos, Steven Grant, and Jake Lockley. He also goes by the name Moon Knight.

Marc Spector Moon Knight
Image credit: Marvel

Jake Lockley is the third personality of Moon Knight. Comic book fans know that Jake Lockley is willing to go to places Marc Spector and Steven Grant can’t even dream about.

Lockley is a taxicab driver in the comics, but often displays violence that outweighs the other two alters. He has connections to the criminal underworld. He appears as a ruthless killer. Perhaps Jake Lockley is responsible for more than just the deaths of the Egyptian followers of Harrow.

Moon Knight executive producer Grant Curtis described Jake Lockley as a “cold-blooded killer” with a “man on the street” vibe.

The television series differs from the comic book. In the television series, it seems Jake Lockley is unknown to Spector and Grant yet. However, according to comic book, while undercover as Jake Lockley, Moon Knight developed a network of informants and spies that allowed him to stay one step ahead of his enemies and criminal targets.

Jake Lockley is still connected to the Egyptian god Khonshu.

“Today is your turn to lose,” Jake says in Spanish before shooting Harrow.

How many personalities does Moon Knight have

Khonshu’s current avatar has three personalities:

1. Marc Spector personality

Marc is a mercenary. He has made a deal with the Moon god Khoshu, pledging himself in servitude for a period of time. Marc wants to prevent Khonshu from claiming Marc’s wife as his Avatar.

2. Steven Grant personality

Steven Grant is a quiet, shy gift shop attendant. He is the central focus of the first two episodes. He struggles with the knowledge that there is another personality in his body who is capable of extreme violence.

3. Jake Lockley personality

As described before, Jake Lockley is a cold-blooded killer.

Moon Knight post-credits scene wasn’t the first spotting of Jake Lockley

There are a lot of clues throughout the season that Marc and Steven are not alone in their body.

Jake Lockley was teased several times throughout the series. I found 6 instances where Jake Lockley was spotted:

  1. I think that Jake’s presence in Episode 1 was in asking Steven’s gift shop co-worker on a date. It is unclear if Curtis is teasing Jake Lockley having actually been present in the episode.
  2. In Episode 1 – “The Goldfish Problem,” Jake Lockley was driving the cupcake truck as Steven found himself running from Arthur Harrow’s men.
  3. Another hint of Jake’s presence comes in Episode 3 – “The Friendly Type,” when both Steven and Marc discover neither was in control during a bloody fight in Cairo. In episode three, we see a sudden display of violence that neither Steven nor Marc takes responsibility for.
  4. In Episode Four, there are further clues to Jake’s presence, as Marc and Steven spot a sarcophagus, like the one Steven was found in, is shaking violently as they are journeying through an imagined hospital at the end of the episode. If these cases are used to contain personalities, perhaps this one contains Jake Lockley.
  5. There were teases of Lockley’s presence throughout the season’s six episodes, most notably in instances when Spector and Grant both “blacked out” while Lockley hijacked Spector’s body to commit acts of extreme violence. Here Harrow was defeated.
    Jake Lockley defeats Harrow
  6. Jake Lockley’s debut at the very end of the show — in which he kidnaps and kills Arthur Harrow.

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