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Rape VS Government


We are a bunch of people
Some identity less folks
Wanna say few words for my country
To unveil all those bloody crooks

Who rapes my sister in daylight
And then blames her outfit
Middle finger for those chuffed people
Who aren’t hurt about these shit

Leave all those matured women
You may dribble watching them
Who looks like an item to you
They are accustomed to
Not even they give a damn

But my baby niece
Who is not yet in shape
A jejune in this freaking earth
They are afraid hearing the word rape

What are you doing you  people
Sitting on the throne we gave
Lawmaker you people are called
Give her justice if you are a man a brave

You are busy with digitalization you talk
With what?  Youtube and Tiktok?
Kids get raped in the school, (what did you do?)
You r now a satire a mock

Give us a Bangladesh we dreamt of
Where no words like rage and rape
We don’t want to live in a country
Where rapist walks free and justice escaped

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Written by:

Nura Alam Masum
Nura Alam Masum
I feel ecstacy to introduce myself a pharmaceutical chemist. All of my family members are involved in writing. I am fond of novels, stories, poetry, songwriting and singing as well. In my leisure period I like to write different stuffs. I am fond of music too.

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