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Fancied Ambivalence


Have you ever thought about the undeserving love I made you feel with?
You haven’t, You devoured me even though I thought it is you what I breath

You took vow from the guy who can’t even understand your saying
Let alone the rhetoric verses you deliver
To him nothing but an Item you were

Your baby talking despoiled my discretion
Your voice kept pushing despite so many obligations
Hummed through my brain albeit interrogations

Yes miss! I am not extolling you!
This is what you really are
Means of my peace while you kept on my sigh
He just does not have the eye to see the inner you
He merely loves your adorned flesh which is exposed for the naked eye

I remeber, one day I told you “you are peerless, you occupy my thought.
To you it was as you usually were told by him
In fact he flirted you like a froud
But alas! You are doomed by the elusion of time
I never meant to flirt you with what you are not

When you talk it seemed to me a hymn
He listens them as a boisterous speech
Does not even realize the theme

He just wanted to snatch you
Does not know how to treat you well
I was generous, never turned my back on you not ever I shall

I wanna be with you in heaven where you and I will be together not he.
Because, you have got it by now he does not deserve you
I am the one with whom you are meant to be

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Written by:

Nura Alam Masum
Nura Alam Masum
I feel ecstacy to introduce myself a pharmaceutical chemist. All of my family members are involved in writing. I am fond of novels, stories, poetry, songwriting and singing as well. In my leisure period I like to write different stuffs. I am fond of music too.

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