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“If you put Lionel Messi on the worst team in MLS, they’d still be the worst” – Ex-Inter Miami coach’s resurfaced comment

Messi wins the 2023 Leagues Cup

Former Inter Miami assistant coach Jason Kreis’s past remarks have resurfaced following Lionel Messi’s victory in the Leagues Cup final. Several years ago, Kreis asserted that Messi wouldn’t elevate the MLS’s worst team since the overall quality of the team would remain unchanged.

In a 2014 media statement, Kreis asserted that Messi would be unable to elevate the performance of the weakest MLS team. He held the view that the players’ quality was insufficient, and the Daily Express quoted him as saying:

I firmly believe that if you put Lionel Messi on the worst team in Major League Soccer, they would still be the worst team in Major League Soccer.

Ex-Inter Miami coach Jason Kreis
Jason Kreis
Jason Kreis

Messi’s Remarkable Impact at Inter Miami in 2023

During his 11 appearances for the MLS club backed by David Beckham, Messi has notched an impressive 11 goals and provided eight assists. Furthermore, the team has maintained an unbeaten record of 10 wins, one draw, and no losses in games where Messi has been on the field. Messi has already secured one title with Inter Miami in 2023, clinching the Leagues Cup.

Inter Miami occupied the MLS cellar with a winless streak when Messi joined the team. However, his arrival has ignited a remarkable turnaround, propelling them to a ten-match winning streak, with Messi finding the net in each of those games.

Former Player Claims Lionel Messi Rescued MLS with Inter Miami Move

Former USA international Geoff Cameron asserts that Lionel Messi’s transfer to Inter Miami has revitalized Major League Soccer. He pointed out a significant drop in viewership numbers before Messi’s arrival, but believes that his presence has turned things around for the league.

Geoff Cameron
Geoff Cameron

During a talkSPORT interview, Cameron lauded Messi as one of the world’s top talents, alongside Cristiano Ronaldo.

The impact he has had so far has been astronomical,” he said. “The owners, I’m sure, are all happy. [With] the Apple deal, I think he saved the league, essentially [because] the subscribers and viewership was a bit down and they really wanted to push, and people know what Messi brings.

This is a guy that’s one of the best players to have ever played, and he and Ronaldo are two players that have changed the game in the most unbelievable way,” he added. “Now Messi’s coming here to the States, what his viewership [brings] and what he’s accomplished just raises the level here in MLS.

Messi showcased his unparalleled skills, creating a brilliant moment that marked his memorable debut in Major League Soccer. His stunning 89th-minute goal not only secured a 2-0 victory for a rejuvenated Inter Miami but also brought an end to their discouraging 11-match winless streak in the league.

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