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If We Can Hold Each Other’s Hand


Suddenly one day the number 9 slapped 8 loudly!
Then, crying, 8 asked, “Why did you hit me?”
9 said, I am bigger than you. So I can hit you.

Hearing this, 8 slapped 7 loudly.
When 7 wanted to know the reason for hitting him, 8 said too, “I am bigger than you. So I can hit you.”

On the same pretext, then
7 slapped 6;
6 slapped 5 ;
5 slapped 4;
4 slapped 3;
3 slapped 2;
And 2 slapped 1!

According to the calculation, 1 should slap 0. But “1” did not do that, he took the zero and said, you are my little brother. Always be by my side. I want no one to hurt you.

From that 1 and zero (0) became 10 (ten) , the biggest. Now all the numbers began to respect them (him).

Moral: If we can hold each other’s hand by pushing away our personal arrogance without quarreling among ourselves for small reasons or unnecessarily, our strength will increase many times over.

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