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The Story of Being Jealous


After creation, God asked everyone to present their role in human welfare. Borrowing something from others was allowed. But the condition was that everything should be for human welfare.

The sun shone. People became happy.

Now the moon’s turn. Moon was upset. He has no light. He thought that he could borrow sunlight for human welfare, and he did so.

What a surprise! Everyone liked the moon. Many many poems have been written about the moon. Boys started saying to girls, you look like the moon. The girls became happy!

Sun became jealous. The next day he continued to give maximum rays. His anger continued to pour out as harmful ultraviolet rays. Human got protected as there was ozone layer.

The condition of human welfare is broken. Sun got punished. He should give maximum light. Can also emit ultraviolet rays. The penalty is that he will run out of energy day by day (Hydrogen to Helium).

Moral: Jealousy leads to a loss of energy. Be zealous, not jealous.

At this moment, I’m enjoying the moonlight. This moonlight is very thought provoking! How are the people! Some get a lot; some get nothing. Yet people laugh, love, watch the moon, take a bath in moonlight.

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