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Can You Pass This Job Interview?


Once in a job interview, the boss of the company asked a strange question and about 200 people fell silent after hearing that question!

The question was, suppose you are driving your car on a stormy day when you pass a bus stop and see 3 people standing there. The first one is a beautiful girl whom you love with all your heart and want to be with for the rest of your life. The second one is a very old friend of yours who once saved your life; and the third one is an old lady who looks very sick. Only one person can sit in your vehicle.

Who would you ask to get into your car in such a situation?
The old woman? Because it is a question of morality, and she is the worst of the three.
You can pick up your friend because he saved your life.
But both the old lady and the friend have to be left if you don’t want to lose the person you love.

About 200 candidates were asked this same question and one of them had a completely different answer and was given the job. Do you want to know what that exceptional answer was?

“In such a situation, I would get out of the car. I would hand over the keys to my friend asking him to drive the old lady to the hospital and then I would hold the hand of my beloved girl until the next bus arrives,” he said simply.

This answer really changed everyone’s perspective and taught everyone, “think something different.”

Everyone is born with the instinct to succeed and the ability to do so. But only some get success!

So always try to make yourself unique.

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