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Flood Water and King


There was a king in one country. At the royal court he asked his astrologer, “Tell me what is the future of the kingdom”?

The astrologer began to count. He seemed to be concerned. The king asked, “What happened? Why are you so worried?”

The astrologer said, Your grace, there will be a terrible flood in the kingdom in the next few months. Everything will be submerged in the flood waters. The most dangerous thing is that the person who touches the flood water will go crazy.

The king thought, time is short and people are so many! It is not possible to arrange for all of them. So he built a tower for himself.

The flood began. Anyone who was getting touched by the flood water was really going crazy.

As the floodwaters continued to rise, the king began to climb to the top of the tower. At the end of the flood, the king descended from the tower. Meanwhile, all the people of the state went mad due to the flood waters. They saw the king and came running. They began to question the king. Where did he come from, what was the purpose? The king said, “Shut up, I am your king.”

The people started laughing. They began to say “Hear this madman, he is saying that he is our king! Tie this lunatic quickly.” They tied up the king.

The king began yelling, “Untie me. I’m not crazy, you’re all crazy because of the floodwaters.” The people laughed and laughed. “What a crazy man! Ha ha ha.”

Moral: Among all the madmen, normal people are considered mad.

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