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I once Thought Elon Musk Should Be Stopped, but Now…

Artificial Intelligence

I once thought Elon Musk should be stopped, but now I see that not only Musk but also Sam Altman should be stopped in the first place.

The way we do everything to stop a war is just the opposite of these discoveries. Rather, we are using them out of curiosity. They are doing business. And the human race itself is bringing itself into danger little by little.

Artificial intelligence will get better and better. Then suddenly, one day, it will put a pistol on your forehead and say, Now catch your ear and do up and down; otherwise, I will pull the trigger.

Watch the video below on how artificial intelligence is progressing:

I asked Copilot how AI can be a threat to humanity, and it replied:

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to both benefit and pose risks to humanity. Let’s explore some of the ways AI could be a threat:

1. Rapid Self-Improvement:

  • AI algorithms are advancing at an unprecedented rate. Large language models (LLMs), also known as “chatbots,” are improving rapidly. For instance, OpenAI’s GPT-4 has demonstrated sparks of advanced general intelligence.
  • The concern arises when AI reaches a level of “artificial general intelligence” (AGI), where it can improve itself without human intervention. If we get AGI wrong, the consequences could be dire.

2. Weaponization:

AI could be weaponized. For example:

  • Drug-discovery tools might be misused to create chemical weapons.
  • AI-generated misinformation could destabilize society and undermine collective decision-making.

3. Deepfakes and Disinformation:

  • Immediate uses of AI, such as deepfakes, pose significant risks. Microsoft President Brad Smith has expressed concern about deepfakes being used for disinformation.
  • Deepfakes can manipulate audio and video content, potentially leading to misinformation campaigns.

4. Loss of Humanity:

  • The true threat lies not in AI’s power itself but in how people use it. AI outperforms humans in low-level tasks, but it lacks our moral reasoning and empathy.
  • If we prioritize AI over human values, it could lead to unintended consequences.

In summary, while AI offers immense potential, we must approach its development with caution, ethics, and a focus on ensuring it benefits humanity rather than harms it.

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